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The Giving Tree

Opportunities to Support
Sacopee Valley Health Center


Since 1976 the 31,002 people of the Sacopee Valley region have depended on the Sacopee Valley Health Center for complete family medical care and allied health services, such as health education, optometry, podiatry, dental, and social services.

The Health Center is a non-profit organization committed to providing a healthy future for the community. The only way the Health Center can stay healthy, however, is to receive strong support from the community.

To unify our fundraising efforts and to provide you with a variety of ways you can make a difference, we have created The Giving Tree. Five distinct giving opportunities branch from this tree. You can help our tree be strong and stable to ensure that everyone in your community receive the health care they deserve.

  • By making a contribution
  • By planning for a future gift in your estate planning, or
  • By volunteering.

If you have any questions about contributing to a particular fund, please call the Sacopee Valley Health Center at 207-625-8126. We will be happy to speak with you about your gift.


Endowment Fund

Contributions to the Endowment Fund ensure long-term financial stability of the Health Center in all economic climates. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are not expended, but invested to earn interest to be used at a future time as designated by the Board of Directors.


The Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is an annual effort in which we ask people to join a growing group of individuals and businesses who not only give financial support, but provide a vote of confidence for our services. Money raised is designated to fund programs, special projects or medical equipment purchases to best serve the needs expressed by our patients. Since its initial year in 1997, Friends have helped purchase more advanced medical equipment including an EKG machine; a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen levels in the blood; and a keratometer for fitting contacts and checking for eye diseases. Listening to the wishes of our patients, the Health Center has also purchased new, more comfortable lobby furniture from Friends contributions.


Plant, Property, and Equipment Fund

Contributions support budgeted or urgent plant, property, and equipment needs outside of normal operating costs. These needs include replacing the Health Center’s roof, painting the facility, upgrading our computer and telephone technology, and purchasing major medical equipment.


Sally Whitcher Memorial Fund

Contributions to this fund honor the late Health Center Family Nurse Practitioner, Sally Whitcher, who died unexpectedly in 1998. Funds contributed will go directly to support the medical needs of patients who cannot afford necessary equipment, supplies or medication. Applicants for assistance from the fund qualify for our Sliding Fee Program and complete a brief application, which explains their needs. In the past, patients have received help paying for eye exams and diabetic testing equipment.


Health Center Volunteers

Contributions of time are highly valued as well. Our dedicated volunteers receive an orientation, training, and opportunities to enrich their lives and their community. Volunteers work a few or many hours a week or on special projects. Opportunities are varied, including providing transportation for patients to medical appointments, filing and computer work, gardening, or assisting patients with forms and other needs.

Giving Tree Form