Additional Services

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X-ray Services

The health center provides x-ray services Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Lab Services

The health center offers lab services through NorDx Monday through Friday during regular business hours. We are not able to fulfill outside orders through our lab at this time but if a provider of the health center ordered a lab for you, you may have this drawn at our lab or through another NorDx lab at your convenience.

Podiatry Services

Podiatry includes care of the human foot, especially the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders. The health center collaborates with two licensed foot doctors to provide podiatry services for patients of the health center. Generally, Dr. Goldenhar sees patients at the health center once a month on Thursdays, and Dr. Steinmetz once a month on Fridays. To learn more about our podiatrists you can click on their bios below.

Social Services Coordination/Outreach & Enrollment Services

The Outreach and Enrollment Specialist helps clients access healthcare by guiding them through the application process for Sacopee Valley Health Center’s Fee Discount Program, Medicare, MaineCare, Veteran’s Benefits and Social Security. This person also assists clients with applying for hospital free care programs that provide discounts on hospital and specialist services. Other assistance includes connecting clients to resources throughout the community, and accessing programs for food, transportation, housing, heating assistance and many others.

There is a full list of community resources that can be accessed at the following link: Resource Directory

The Health Center is a Certified Application Counselor Organization. This means our Outreach and Enrollment Specialist is also trained to help individuals and families complete their applications and enroll in plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. For more information, please see the Health Insurance Marketplace section below.

Anyone can schedule an appointment for these services and you do not need to be a patient of the health center. There is no charge for this assistance. If you have questions about any of these programs, please call the Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at (207) 625-2239.

For more information on the programs mentioned above, follow the links below:

Fee Discount Program

Health Insurance Marketplace

Family Planning & Reproductive Health Services

Family Planning Services offer physical exams, birth control options, pregnancy tests, family planning counseling, treatment for common infections, assistance with gender identity transitioning and counseling, and sexual orientation counseling. These services are offered in a highly confidential and non-judgmental manner.

The family planning team also collaborates with the Sacopee Valley High School and goes into the school annually to discuss STI Prevention and Birth Control Options with 9th through 11th grade classes.

To learn more about our family planning team you can click on their bios below.

Below are some educational slides created by Santana Eastman, RN & Gale Johnsen, FNP which are used during their discussions with Sacopee Valley High School students.

Preventing Pregnancy and Reproductive Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Prescription Assistance

Are you having trouble affording your medication?

Prescription Assistance Program – “Patient Assist”

We offer assistance with applications directly to the drug companies to apply for free medications for patients who do not have insurance or are in their Medicare donut-hole, if they qualify. Each drug company has different eligibility requirements. Ask your provider about prescription assistance or call our office for more information.

340B Program

We also offer the SUNRx 340B program that gives discounts on medications. All patients are eligible to receive a 340B card regardless of insurance coverage. Patients who are on our Sliding Fee Discount program will receive a SUNRx 340B card with the fee discount information that you will be sent after you have applied and qualify for this program. If you are a patient and you do not have a 340B card, you may call our office and ask for one.


Please check with your local Community Pharmacy or Walgreens to see if they participate in our 340B program.